My fashion-forward girlfriends have been rocking oversized wristwatches for ages. Although the style looks fab on my gal pals, this is one of those trends I’d passed off as “not for me.” I envisioned slapping one on my scrawny wrist and instantly achieving a senior citizen/bag lady appearance. (Not my desired style).

But last week, I caught wind of Chicago-based 1:Face Watch, which donates its proceeds to a half-dozen worthy charities. The sharp watches have a tempered glass face that handily doubles as a mirror and is—you guessed it—jumbo. But heck, I will risk looking like an Olsen twin in the name of charity.

The smooth rubber bands come in a rainbow of hues, each of which supports a different cause. One white watch feeds 16 children, 14 bright pink watches pay for one woman’s mammogram, and so on. Figuring that since I was going big, I may as well go bold too, I chose fire-engine red. In the process, I helped an AIDS patient get access to treatment.

And you know what? That big watch looks great on my little arm, if I do say so myself.

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