In New York City last week, I popped into a store that I was curious about—partly because it sparked some ugly battles between two prominent exes when it opened a year and a half ago.

Called C. Wonder, it was founded by Tory Burch’s former husband, venture capitalist Chris Burch. The kerfuffle had to do with the striking resemblance that the goods (preppy womenswear and home décor items, mostly) bear to those sold at Tory Burch stores.

There’s at least one obvious difference, though: The price point. For example, classic fall cardigans with logo buttons run $225 at Tory’s store; at Chris’s, they’re $78.

Granted, the Tory Burch version is made from 100 percent merino wool, vs. only 15 percent merino at C. Wonder (the balance is manmade). But hey: It’s machine washable! I bought one (in aubergine) on the spot.

While there is no C. Wonder in Chicago yet (the saleswoman told me that “dozens” of new stores are rolling out nationwide in the coming months), the goods are available online.

$78 at