Hard as it is to ponder the autumn onset, or even its possibility, it looms before us like a carpet of freshly fallen scarlet and golden leaves. And now is the time to prepare. Sartorially speaking, that is.

Let’s begin with the practical—a piece of sportswear that would make George Jetson proud (or just improve your morning run). Zegna describes the Icon jacket from its Sport Fall/Winter 2013 collection (available in navy, black and red) as “design-driven technology integration” that delivers “maximum functionality and style.” They’re not kidding.

Tricked out with Bluetooth technology, the jacket includes an integrated microphone controlled by a joystick that allows remote operation of your smart phone (I suggest stopping by the store for a demo). Meanwhile, its detachable, quilt body-warmer and waterproof microfiber shell keep you cozy, warm, dry—and stylish.

This marvel of form and function can be found at the newly remodeled Ermenegildo Zegna boutique, complete with a second floor “sartorial room," which has a stone fireplace and a comfortable lounge to relax in after a day spent taking advantage of its made-to-measure service.

$1,295 at Ermenegildo Zegna, 645 N. Michigan Ave., or zegna.com