Look what popped up in West Town. Glossier's short-term shop is up and running on 114 North Aberdeen St. through October 28, so you can try and buy the online retailer's beauty and skincare items in person. Why Chicago? We apparently rank among Glossier's top five engaged cities when it comes to social media and web traffic.

The shop’s design was inspired by Chicago’s museum culture, and Glossier decorated it with portraits of photogenic local artists, as captured by Deun Ivory. Ivory is the art director of Black Girl in Om, an online publication by and for women of color. 

With 1.4 million followers on Instagram and devoted fans like Chrissy Teigen and, um, Beyonce, the brand has built plenty of hype to live up to. Take the opportunity to get offline and see what everyone’s talking, nay, gramming about.