The trials that Chicago winters impose on hair and skin are as numerous as they are gruesome: chapped lips, dry cheekbones, desiccated elbows, and parched hair are par for the course, and it only gets worse from there. Though we do what we can to combat the cold with serums, water bottles, hand cream, and the like, sometimes only a professional can save our flaky hides. To make it to Spring 2015 with most of your cells intact, try one of these local hydrating treatments.

For a wintry scent and a summery glow: a mint facial at Leah Chavie Salon

Skincare guru Leah Chavie is all about the facial massage. “I use upward motions for everything,” she says. “You can feel your skin tightening and lifting, can't you?” She'll customize her mint facial for whatever skin problem you're having, be it clogged pores or flaky dryness, and you'll spend the next hour relaxing under heated blankets while she massages your face back to its summery glow. For extra dehydrated skin, spring for Chavie's stem cell treatment (DNA CryoStem Cell Therapy), which takes effect over the course of six days, resulting in literal rejuvenation, a phrase that—until now—was associated solely with Bahamian beaches. Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique, 2457 N. Halsted,

For deeply conditioned hair that'll last through a snowstorm: a Kérastase Concentre Oleo Fusion Treatment at Joseph Michael's Salon

Joseph Michael's Salon's quick Kérastase treatments are miracle workers. The Concentre Oleo Fusion treatment is designed for dry to very dry hair, and seals in nutrition for the entire hair fiber from the cortex to the cuticle to the surface. Best of all, you can get it done on your lunch break. Sit down for a shampoo and the requisite scalp massage while the treatment—in lieu of a regular conditioner—gets worked into your hair; sit up with deeply hydrated locks that will last for weeks. Additionally, stylist Eileen Foslund recommends one of Kérastase's newer products to help you combat winter while you're actually out and about: the Carré Lissant “hairstyle touch-up sheets,” which smooth out frizz and add shine to wind-whipped hair. Joseph Michael's Salon, 1313 North Ritchie Court,

For hydration from your eyes to your décolleté: bio-therapeutic hyaluronic acid eye and neck treatment at Joseph Michael's Spa

Hyaluronic acid is amazing: it's a natural substance that holds 1000 times its weight in water, and it's found throughout the human body, where it's used for tissue hydration, lubrication, and cellular function. The treatment, which involves cooling gel pads placed on your neck and beneath your eyes, feels incredibly soothing on dry, raw skin, and helps to gently restore moisture to areas that you might have otherwise forgotten about. Ask for facialist Nicole Ciesla, whose gentle touch will make you temporarily forget about how mean the weather is being. Joseph Michael's Spa, 1313 North Ritchie Court,

To combat split ends: frequent trims at Pascal Pour Elle

Parisian-born Pascal has been in the beauty biz for 30 years, and, with three salons in the Chicago area, he knows a thing or two about harsh winters. To help your hair survive, he recommends cutting back on the daily shampooing, keeping a humidifier running in your bedroom, and getting a “light dusting of the ends” every four to six weeks to reduce split ends. Pascal Pour Elle, 1866 N. Damen,

To keep the rest of your body moisturized: local products from Cocovít and Soap Distillery

Consider your body lotion an armor against the elements. You want it to be strong, effective, and as natural as possible without letting the spears of winter through. Thankfully, Cocovít slings some of the world's best coconut oil—raw and 100 percent pure—that's full of fatty acids to condition skin and hair like no other. If you're a cocktail fiend, you'll love the super- natural body oils by Soap Distillery that come in boozy scents like Gin, Negroni, and Elderflower Liqueur. Both products are available online, but sellers frequently pop up at local markets around the city. and