The 43rd annual Official Bishop Don “Magic” Juan Player’s Ball was held on December 2 on the West Side of Chicago. The extravagant event, born in Chicago and returned to the city last year after a long hiatus, is a place to celebrate and pay homage to the host, a former king of pimpdom.

Don “Magic” Juan made the decision to leave “the game” to serve Jesus Christ, while under the influence of PCP in 1985—that's according to his own account in the 1994 book From the Pimp Stick to the Pulpit—It's Magic. Still, he continues to host the Player's Ball, and notable attendees continue to flock to it: This year, Afroman was promoting his new beer company and local hip-hop legend Twista took home the Lifetime Achievement award and celebrated his birthday at the event, which had no shortage of memorable sights.