I spent months silently coveting a coworker’s funky, flawless, and ever-changing manis, wondering how the heck she afforded such luxuries. When I complimented her on her perfect digits, I was floored at the reply: “I just use nail wraps from the drug store.” What? I flashed back to my childhood experiences with Lee Press-On Nails that were here one hour, gone the next; high school and college days of my sloppy, DIY paint jobs; and, in recent years, impatiently sitting at the nail salon and forking over far too much cash for something so futile. Predictably, I’m now hooked on this sticky miracle. The decals are a cinch to apply (there's a how-to video on the website), and the end result lasts nearly as long as—and costs considerably less than—a professional manicure. And since Jamberry offers patterns that run the gamut from fireworks to footballs to flowers (holiday-themed designs too!), I plan to soon own the most talked-about nails in the office.

$15 for 2-3 sets at jamberrynails.net