I’m the type of person who likes a side of salty with her sweet. Kettle corn popcorn: check. Chocolate covered pretzels: yum. Salted caramel: gimme. So it shouldn’t have taken me this long to realize that like my taste buds, my nose would crave the same kind of variety. I already loved Olivina Hand and Body Lotion in Honeysuckle Rose, an all-natural combination of grape seed, olive and avocado oils blended with chamomile, sea algae and aloe vera. Yet it wasn’t until I started switching off between the scents Honeysuckle Rose (summery and sweet) and Fig (sultry with woody base notes) that I found myself completely addicted and in a full-blown spiral of lotion binging. I highly recommend it. At least it’s calorie-free.

$21 at City Olive, 2236 W. Roscoe St., or olivinanapavalley.com