Well, it took a while, but the temperature outside finally feels more appropriate for wrapping yourself in a parka than hitting the golf links. For a lot of us, that means the return of an annual annoyance: cold tootsies. The answer? Well, you could buy a couple packs of toe warmers at Walgreens. But why not choose a more fashionable—not to mention longer-lasting—solution? How about a pair of warm as a cozy fire, handmade in Leicestershire, England, Scott-Nichol socks? I found a whole chunky wall of them in every color and texture, including this pair of striped boot socks, at Haberdash on State Street. Handcrafted in England for more than 70 years, these socks have it all covered: they’re made of a merino wool/nylon blend for a moisture-wicking surface and they work indoors and out, as lodge loungers and outdoor sports enthusiasts will attest. Finding so many of what may be the best wool sock ever (and all in one place) was enough to warm my heart as well as my toes.

 $29 at Haberdash, 607 N. State St., 312-624-8551