Nothing is cooler than wearing a tie when you don’t really have to.

Say your office is casual, and you show up rockin’ neck candy—instant respect. But you have to wear the right tie. Your dad’s “classic” isn’t going to cut it. You need one from Stalward Ltd. The New York-based company makes ties that hand-stitched at a factory on Chicago’s West Side–a bonus in our book.

Instead of looking too precious-silky or cheap-polyestery, Stalwards are made of vintage and dead stock fabric (leftover material that would otherwise be scrapped). Of course, this also means the selection is limited for each pattern. So if you love it, buy it. I like the heavy twill camo and the retro plaid. Whichever you choose, no one will mess with you if you show up wearing one on Monday morning. Promise.

$72 at Space519, The 900 Shops, 900 N. Michigan Ave., 312-751-1519