I swear I owned this braided fluorescent bracelet (minus the bling) back in the 1990s. One summer, I donned it until the thing basically disintegrated.

What a lovely surprise for my grownup self: Thanks to Chicago artist Liz Pham’s company, See Song Designs, I can again bedeck my wrist with a braided, confetti-colored paracord.

Pham provides trendy, fashionable folks like you and me with fun baubles at attainable price points. She enlists intricate knotting and weaving techniques, throws in some sparkly crystals and and mixed metals, et voilà—makes one of my pre-teen self’s fave bracelets blossom into a serious statement piece.

$45 at Squasht by Les, 2556 W. Chicago Ave., 773-292-4123