If the first step toward getting help is admitting you have a problem, then let me confess right now: My name is Bryan, and I’m a sunglasses junkie.

I have about six pairs—from a $400 pair of Salima Optique “Chad” glasses of the kind worn by Ryan Gosling in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love to some Ray Ban Aviators that I wear with a baseball cap when I want people to think I’m undercover DEA (read: I’m the wrong guy to try to steal an iPhone from).

But for we problematic shades wearers, more is always better. So, for this week’s pick, I submit this handsome pair of Raen Volta Sunglasses. The company calls them, a “rejuvenated modern take on vintage styles frames.” We agree. Slip these on with a cream-colored linen suit and strut the Magnificent Mile with summer attitude or hang out at one of the harbors and pretend you own a boat.

Your eyes will thank you, too. Handmade with thin lightweight acetate, the sunglasses employ CR39 Lens Technology with 100-percent UV protection. Just don’t wear them every day. There are so many others to sport.

$112 at zappos.com