Yes, summer is halfway over. And yes, most fashion blogs are already looking ahead to fall and winter. But unless you’re one of those people who has most of his Christmas shopping done before the first leaves fall, you still may be in the hunt for summer styles.

But that’s not the only reason why I’m using this week’s space to discuss that summer staple: shorts. Unlike women’s skirts, the length of men’s shorts doesn’t rise and fall every couple of seasons. Truth is, we’ve been stuck on baggy half-pants for a decade or more.

Surely you’ve seen them. “Shorts” that droop well below the knee, some so low they start to look like culottes. What they look like to me is ridiculous. Ugly. What’s worse, they make even a tall man look squat—or at least like his torso is well out of proportion with the rest of him.

Finally, this season, help arrived—shorts that, while they won’t appear on any Nair commercials—fall just above the knee. (Also, they don’t poof out with various pockets and button flaps.)

Chubbies is leading the revolution with a whole website devoted to the shorter shorts. I like the “jet pilots” (hint to Chubbies: work on the names). The flat-front, black-and-white gingham shorts are a stylish alternative to the cargo sag. The site is full of other saviors. Get a pair. Show those knees. It’s not too late.

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