Since its opening Found Kitchen and Social House in 2012, owner Amy Morton has been getting almost as much attention for her restaurant's eclectic décor as she is for the rustic American cuisine. Morton, who says she's always loved interior design, handpicks the restaurant's thrifted furniture (mostly from the 1920s through 50s) and salvaged relics. From a set of old Chicago courthouse benches to 1950s sofa in green houndstooth, it all comes together into one stylish, inviting space.

After receiving regular requests to purchase her findings, Morton has decided to put select pieces up for sale. Diners can now buy Found's vintage furniture and décor straight from their table. So while you dine on of Chef Nicole Pederson’s signature lamb meatballs with pistachio chimichurri, glance around the room and see if anything catches your eye. Morton will continually rotate the selection with new items she discovers at consignment shops, antique stores and estate sales.

Some of the items for sale include:

  • Vintage frames (start at $100)
  • 1940s cocktail map tables with world map inset ($400 each or $700 for the pair)
  • Turn-of-the-century red velvet petite tufted French settee ($600)
  • 1920s ornate pink sofa with side tufting and pillows ($1,800)
  • 1880s sofa with cowhide upholstery ($2,500)

All of the pieces have a story, and Morton is happy to come by your table to give you the scoop. Just flag your waiter to inquire. For an additional charge, most pieces can be reupholstered and cleaned.

And how's the food, you ask? Our chief dining critic said only someone with a "cold, shriveled heart" could deny Found's unique charm.