Form following function isn’t often a rule honored by fashion—we often have to suffer greatly to look great. But in the case of a certain kind of sock, function fits in just fine with form.

I’m talking specifically about copper socks. The phrase may evoke images of brassy metallic boots, but actually, they are very much normal looking foot coverings with copper woven into the fabric. Why copper? Because, it turns out, copper is not only healthy for its microbe-killing properties, it’s great for killing bacteria and fungi that plague the, ahem, smell-challenged peds. Don’t take my word for it. In 2008, the EPA approved copper as the only metal proved to boot pathogens to the curb.

There are a number of copper socks on the market. There’s nothing show-stopping about Carhartt’s traditional copper ion lightweight boot sock, and you may think this is a fall and winter apparel item. Think again. Unless you feel comfortable going sockless in the 90-degree plus heat—and who among us does, really—add these to your stable.

$12 to $13 at and