Circa 1998, I purchased a pair of American Eagle wide-leg trousers—a plaid pattern, drawstring waist, and not the least bit flattering. I sported them proudly through the hallways of my high school. They didn’t make the move to college with me, so they’re still in my old dresser at my parents’ house. Now, whenever I visit the folks, the first thing I do is slip into those beauties. By now, they have become a joke among my family, but there’s just something about those flowy legs and the soft cotton against my skin—especially in this day (decade?) of skinny jeans.   

I’m not sure (and I didn’t much care) whether wide-legs were even “in” back in ’98, but this season, they certainly seem to be! I adore these easy breezy pants from Anthro. The graphic design and pop of pink are effortlessly summery. They’re totally lounge-worthy, but pair them with wedges and some wrist candy (these, perhaps), and—voila!—you’re suddenly chic.

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