You may remember reading about Jonathan Adler's Navy Acid Palm Pareo in our editor in chief's Style Sheet post not long ago. The one with that Missoni-goes-psychedelic vibe—how could you forget? 

Part of what makes this scarf so great is its size: at a generous 60 by 44 inches, it offers plenty of coverage poolside. Back in April, that didn't seem so key. But now, a pool may actually be in your near future.

Good news—the pareo is on sale, down from $98 to $49. And so is a bunch of other cute stuff, including this fun woven-leather retro belt. Available in orange, red and blue colorways, it's perfect for jazzing up a simple white blouse. 

Jonathan, we're glad you took the fashion route. (Home design junkies: there are plenty of deals on home stuff, too!)

$34 at