When I lived in New York City, my female colleagues and I would eagerly await a key opportunity to replenish our wardrobe of work basics: the semiannual Theory sample sale. In the pencil-skirt category, the Golda is the model most of us snatched up in every color (black, navy, dark gray, lighter gray). It’s so perfect that Theory has been making, and selling, this exact same skirt for at least a decade—no design tweaks needed.

The perfection lies not just in the fabric (a lightweight stretch wool that you can wear on all but the hottest summer days) but in the cut. A cleverly sinuous seam that angles across each hip, ending at double vents in back, gives even stick-straight figures the illusion of curves. The skirt looks just as good on more amply endowed figures, though you’ll have to take it to a tailor to nip it in at the waist (something worth doing anyway as a matter of course: perfect tailoring can make even a basic into something special).

And while Theory runs no sample sales in Chicago that I’m aware of, here’s the next best thing: Right now the Golda is on sale, for about 40% off the usual $200 price. I’ve listed three different retailers below, in case your size and color sells out. (NB: The skirt runs small, so consider sizing up.)

* $112 at bloomingdales.com.

* $119.98 at nordstrom.com.

* $120 at saks.com.

Got any other skirt that you think is perfect? Please share in the comments section.