Pavilion Antiques co-owner Deborah Colman scouts talent like no other. Over the past couple years, her and Neil Kraus’s Bucktown antique shop (loved by aesthetes for its edited selection of post-war design, primarily from France and Italy) has started to showcase contemporary designers from around the world. Her latest find is the young French artist and jewelry designer Nora Renaud, who once worked in the couture houses of Dior and Cerruti and, most recently, for Nicolas Andreas Taralis.  

The jewelry pieces carried at Pavilion are dark and otherworldly, beautiful yet incredibly tough-looking (some could work for men). They are miniature sculptures and this belt is one of my favorites. It’s a versatile piece you can wear over light jackets, dresses or tops—and feel good about supporting a young designer ahead of the pack.

$1,200 at Pavilion Antiques, 2055 N. Damen Ave.