Dad's Day is just around the bend (June 16!), and while a tie might seem like taking the easy way out, it's more like a no-sweat, sure-to-please way to make dad happy. Don't drive yourself mad scouring the golf megastore aisles for iron sets and putters you know nothing about. Just click away on local clothier Stock Manufacturing Company's online shop. Summer styles such as the hand-sewn corduroy and seersucker neckties are sure bets.

The site, which went live in February, offers a platform for small designers to get their garments noticed, via a dollar-voting method, and ideally locked in to the "In Stock" tab if the pre-sale quota is met. Last month, Stock surpassed its Kickstarter goal and is using the funds to upgrade its 45-year-old West Side factory, expanding the operation and bringing in new fabrics.

Getting the guy a tie is a no-brainer (but it's also very thoughtful).

$45 at