There’s no quicker way to kill your zen than schlepping your clunky rolled-up yoga mat home after class. Do you toss it under your shoulder, bumping into passersby with your newly sprouted appendage? Or do you attempt to shove it into your purse or backpack, forcing yourself into an awkward balancing act as the thing wobbles to and fro?

I’ve fought it for long enough, but at last I concede: It’s time to invest in a yoga strap.

But like the all-important iPhone case, this little sling is a form of self-expression. Boring old black simply doesn’t cut it—so I found a lovely swirl-patterned version called the Dsenyo Sling. It’s got adjustable Velcro closures to fit whichever size mat you’re toting, and it has a nice long strap so you don’t choke yourself in transit.

Best of all, like everything at Greenheart Shop, it comes with a story: Crafted in Malawi under fair trade-business practices, this little accessory helps create employment opportunities for industrious Africans. Om yeah!

$20 at Greenheart Shop, 1911 W. Division St., 312-264-1625