Surely you’ve noticed that the stationary bike, the lakefront, and even the grocery store are overrun with Lululemon-clad clones (myself included). We’ve all shunned the odor-holding, unflattering gym clothes of yore in favor of functional, flattering, and smartly constructed workout gear.

There has to be a suitable Lulu alternative, but darned if I’ve had any luck finding one. That’s why I’m doing backflips (and Downward Dogs) over Swirlgear, a one-month-old online shop offering duds to sweat in, courtesy of South Loop-based entrepreneur/marathoner Lacie Whyte. In addition to its obvious cuteness (which, let’s be honest, is of utmost importance), this top is moisture-wicking, reflective, and cut to minimize chafing.

I’ll spin to that.

$49, available for pre-order at