It can take the eye a while to adjust to a new shape or silhouette, but adjust it does. (Remember when knee-length skirts seemed hopelessly dowdy?) 

We’re in the midst of one such adjustment now, to the blocky low heel. Ignore the whiff of Queen Mum about this height—it will surely dissipate—and think about how fabulous it will be to stand just a little taller while remaining almost as comfortable as if you were wearing slippers.

One of the best of the Spring 2013 crop is the napa-with-patent-trim Christian Dior Cannage. The gold latticework that encases its 3-cm heel references not only the gardener’s staple but also the classic pattern found on Dior bags for years. Could there be anything springier?

Price: $695 (comes in blue, red, beige, and black)

Store: Neapolitan, 715 Elm Street, Winnetka, 847-441-7784