Years ago, I was told this shopping rule of thumb: If you can't think of at least three occasions to wear something, don't buy it. It's a practical guideline to stop you from buying things you'll only wear once—a poor return on investment.

So I'm always on the lookout for for versatile pieces, and Chicago-based designer Ashley Zygmunt of ZAMRIE is full of wardrobe staples with a high rate of return. Her latest design, a sleeveless, jewel-tone blouse, is a perfect example. You could throw it on over dark denim for the weekend (that's one occasion). Tuck it into a pencil skirt and it instantly becomes office-appropriate (there's two). Or, you can wear it as pictured—unzipped and layered as a vest for a night out (the magic number three).

And in case you need another reason, 100 percent of the proceeds of this shirt go to charity. Zygmunt designed the top for Autism Awareness month benefiting Giant Steps, a local organization that provides education and therapeutic services to people with autism.

Pre-order it now at for $99—available through the month of April.