SoulCycle is one of those immersive, intensive, sorta-feels-like-a-party-but-is-also-quite-agonizing fitness crazes that’s garnered quite the following in its nine years on the exercise scene. While there are a fair amount of cycling classes offered in Chicago already, there hasn’t been a official SoulCycle location until now. The brand is opening their very first Midwestern location during the third week of April at 1223 North Wells Street, and will be opening a second location at 111 West Wacker this summer—plus two more Chicago locations sometime in the future, date and location TBD.

The studio on Wells will include 51 bikes, full locker rooms, onsite parking, and a SoulCycle lifestyle boutique, where you can buy all the tight cycling pants your heart desires. Classes, priced at $30, are lit by candles, so you can almost trick yourself into believing you’re dancing the night away at a really exclusive club. Introverts may want to mentally prepare themselves: the exercise regime prides itself on harnessing the “energy of the pack” in order to get everyone in the room a little more motivated.

Elizabeth Cutler, one of the founders of SoulCycle, is a Chicago native, so the opening is particularly exciting for her. “I am so excited to open SoulCycle in my hometown!” she says. “It is a dream come true. I've been waiting for this moment, and I know that Chicagoans are going to rock it out on the bike."

SoulCycle’s Midwestern expansion is only a slice of the big picture. The brand has plans to almost double their current 37 locations by 2016, by opening up new studios in New York, Los Angeles, London, and beyond.