A few years ago, while traveling in Spain, I came across a store called Zara. I nearly bought out the place. Many of the clothes I still wear. Naturally, I was thrilled when one opened here in 2008. And while it hasn’t been that magical shopgasm experience I’d had way back when (the store has trended a little too skinny boy, matchy-matchy for me), there are still some wonderful, runway-inspired looks to be had for very reasonable prices—even for us guys whose days of 29-inch waists are long past.

Take this linen suit with elbow patches. At $240 for coat and trousers, with double pockets on the jacket, and subtle slices of caramel-colored piping, it’s a stylish take on the traditional linen suit—perfect for the office or cocktail hour. Slim-cut, yes, but not so much that you feel like you’ll go all Incredible Hulk if you lift your arms. You’ll just look incredible.

$240 at Zara, 700 N. Michigan Ave., 312-255-8123; or zara.com