When it comes to fashion, I’m not often a fan of things that include the word “novelty” in the description. To me, this conjures images of fake vomit and adult store unmentionables. But I make an exception when it comes to cufflinks.

In the past, these little end-of-the-sleeve clasps were the domain of the stuffy—to be worn with French-cuffed shirts under suits only. Just like with bowties and gay marriage, however, attitudes have evolved. Today, casual cufflink-dependent shirts work great with jeans—no blazer required. This is where you can get creative, and where Mag Mouch (not to be confused with the Mag Mile) shines.

Whether you fancy a night at the symphony, at the poker table, or simply want to show your love for all things smart, the British company once known for spats, braces, and buttons has become the go-to destination for funky cuff bling.

As a sometimes fan of the ponies, I’d have no problem sporting these horse racing cufflinks. Packaged in Mag Mouch’s gorgeous signature tin, they’re handsome, comment-worthy, and, who knows, maybe even lucky.

$14 at Lord & Taylor or lordandtaylor.com