George Gonzalez, owner of George the Salon in River North (23 W. Hubbard St.) has had his hands in the hair of plenty of celebrities—most recently, Cindy Crawford’s brunette mane. I asked him to share how to duplicate the look at home, which deftly falls somewhere between iconic supermodel and girl next door:

To avoid frizz, Gonzalez says to dry hair from the top down, getting roots 70 percent dry before directing the dryer towards ends. Create a product cocktail combining a leave-in conditioner and a volumizing mousse and dry hair in two-inch sections using a medium round brush to smooth follicles while curling the ends. As each section is complete, roll the piece into a loose curl and secure with a clip. Once cooled, take down and use your fingers to gently shake out the style while misting with hairspray.

Or, let the pros handle the job. Book a styling session with Gonzalez ($75) by calling the salon at 312-923-9444.