Jay Gatsby believed in the green light. He also believed in dressing impeccably, as can be seen by Leonardo DeCaprio’s dashing portrayal of this literary character in the film version of The Great Gatsby, now in theaters.

As for me, I believe in the showstopping Gatsby line just launched by Brooks Brothers. Designed by double-Academy Award winning designer, Catherine Martin, who produced all of the men’s costumes in the Baz Luhrmann film adaptation, the collection does more than capture the nostalgia of roaring ’20s style—it inspires one to rethink all that’s beautiful about men’s fashion.  

Picking one item to recommend was as difficult as corralling Daisy Buchanan. The spectacular linen suits, the sumptuous shirts and equally sumptuous ties; the dazzling red, white, and navy regatta blazer. Browsing the pieces, it’s tempting to do anything to have it all—including becoming a bootlegger. 

I’ll just highlight one beauty: These white and brown spectator loafers. Crafted in England with tone-on-tone stitching and creamy calfskin, with leather insole and lining, they will turn a pair of taupe linen trousers into a spring/summer head-turner. 

Don’t take my word for it. Visit the store, breathe in the luxuriance, toss aside any inhibitions of looking like a dandy, and get something.

Gatsby, in the end, was a deeply tragic figure. You, by contrast, will be a fashion hero. 

$598 at Brooks Brothers, 713 N. Michigan Avenue