Chicago-based company Threadless launched an app last week to help the design-challenged create custom t-shirts in mere minutes. Called Type Tees, the free iOS app is stupidly simple to use (that's a good thing). Threadless has created 20 templates in prefabricated colors and fonts, so all you need to decide is which one you like best and what you want your t-shirt to say.

A couple clicks later and that tee is ready to ship in one to three days. While there are plenty of other companies that print custom design t-shirts, the simplicity of Type Tees makes it really fun to use.

All shirts (for both men and women) are a flat $22, regardless of how many words you use. For a ridiculous t-shirt of an absurd joke that only my college roommate will understand, I'd say that's $22 well spent.

If you're thinking this app might come in handy one day, get it now. Type Tees is giving away $5 credits for a limited time when you download the app.