Louise Roe has hosted shows from E!’s Fashion Police to the European MTV awards to The Clothes Show, dressing impeccably for each. She’s lived in both London and Los Angeles, meaning she can switch her look from High Street grunge to Venice Beach bohemian. And she’s just authored Front Roe, a book about style, beauty, and womanhood.

Roe is coming to Westfield Old Orchard (4999 Old Orchard Center, Skokie) this weekend to host a private event called Fash Bash, wherein Chicago’s fashion bloggers gather to discuss trends for the season (read: influence what the rest of us will be wearing all summer). You can meet Roe in person on Friday, May 15, when she’ll be signing her book at the Westfield Old Orchard Barnes & Noble store from 5 to 7 p.m. We snagged her beforehand to ask a few pressing questions about summer trends, American style, and dressing for TV.

You mention that “How to Be Kind To Yourself” is your favorite chapter in Front Roe. What was the process of writing it?

I spoke to a lot of women, of all ages, backgrounds and careers. We all (including myself) had one thing in common: We are hard on ourselves. Whether it's not feeling like a good enough mom or girlfriend, or not being stylish or skinny enough, or not being higher in our careers—I noticed how much pressure women put on themselves and wanted to push the stop button. It was important for me to give practical tips for how to tackle this, instead of just wishy-washy advice.

Did you follow a certain routine while writing the book?

I wrote half of it whilst filming in Asia, from my hotel room that looked over the beach. So while everyone else on the show would go for a sunset dip in the ocean, I was at my desk trying to finish a chapter! Then I came back to LA and wrote from home, which was lovely. I would set myself little goals, like, “You can walk to the cafe and get an iced latte when you finish the part about mascara.” Sounds silly, but it motivated me!

What fashion trends are you most excited to try out this summer? 

I love the sorbet colors everywhere. If you want to eat it in the ice cream store, then wear it: lemon yellow, pistachio green, strawberry pink. 

And what beauty trends are you most excited about?

A bronze smoky eye. It's about blending warm golds and bronzes over and under the eye. You can even use bronzer instead of eye shadow—it looks glowy and gorgeous.

I’m sure you travel a lot for your job and for this book tour. Do you have an on-the-road skincare routine?

I always take serum on the plane so I can reapply it, as the cabin air really dries out my skin. I drink so much water before, during, and after a flight, and I try to get a coconut water too when I land, as the electrolytes help rehydrate the body. I take a Kate Somerville exfoliator and an Eve Lom clay mask with me, even if I'm only away one night.  

What are some of the places in Chicago you’re excited to try out on your visit?

I really want to go to a blues bar—any suggestions? And, of course, get some great pizza.