Annie O, a local sales agent representing young, contemporary women's brands such as Tulle, Covet, Lucca Couture, and Missa Scrapbook is holding her biannual Annie O Fall Sample Sale (2132 W. Fulton St., Unit A, 312-929-2986) on Wednesday from noon to 6 p.m. Make a beeline for the fall and winter coats by Tulle, which retail for $89-$100 and will be marked at $25-$45. There's always a $10-or-less rack, and everything else at the sale is 20 percent off wholesale. It's a true sample sale, so you’ll generally only find one of each item.

If you’ve attended past sales, take note that the showroom has moved around the corner from its previous space. The building is a bit hidden among warehouses and suppliers, but considering the deals to be had, it's worth seeking out.