October isn't the cruelest month, or even the coolest month, and it's certainly not the month with the most exciting sales (that award is divided between September's Labor Day closeouts and November's terrifying Black Friday rituals). But the quieter, smokier October does have its share of clearance secrets—they're just not where you'd expect to find them.

DealNews, a site dedicated to analyzing the rise and fall of trends year by year and month by month, has declared October the month of denim, pizza, and luxury vacations. Mark LoCastro of DealNews says that “for many products, you're better off waiting until [Black Friday] to buy”—that is, if you can bear to face the hordes at five AM—“but don't overlook October entirely! There are a handful of items that are actually better buys this month.”

No shocker that the week before Halloween is the best time to snag Halloween costumes on sale, since all those feather boas and neon green wigs will have very little retail value once the holiday has passed. Those mega Halloween-themed pop-up shops will inevitably put their wares on sale, but if you'd rather stay true to your indie roots, try the costume-y vintage stores scattered around Belmont and Broadway (like Ragstock and Belmont Army Vintage), who usually stock enough sequins to float the most outrageous Cher costume.

Large and slightly indulgent purchases like cars, vacations, cruises, and iPads are also cheaper in October, since new car models were released in September, and overseas destinations are clearing out as the bronzed summer crowd finally heads home. For iPads and iPad minis, the reason behind the sale is straightforward: Apple will probably roll out updates to the tablets sometime around October 29.

When it comes to fashion, October is a great time to buy quality jeans, probably because they're back on everyone's radar now that scorching summer days have finally run their course. If you'd rather pass your October denim savings onto the kids, The Denim Lounge is having a Shop For Schools sale on October 2, where 20 percent of your purchase will be funneled into the school of your choice. Hold off on the fur-lined anoraks and wooly pea-coats, though, because real cold weather gear doesn't go on sale until real cold weather hits.

Oh, and pizza. If last October is anything to go by, pizza will be very cheap this fall. Why? “We're not sure,” say the DealNews detectives. Halloween magic, maybe?