Sizing up the new Chicago French Market

We organized the vendors we liked by type: breakfast, lunch, grocery shopping, and gift sellers.

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Croissants from Vanille Patisserie
Croissants from Vanille


Both the perpetually late and the chronically underbreakfasted are in luck: There’s plenty here to grab on the go. The perfectly crispy-on-the-outside cinnamon crumble muffin ($2.50) from Sweet Miss Giving’s (312-575-0212) comes with a side of philanthropy: The bakery donates part of its proceeds to HIV/AIDS outreach. Delightful Pastries (312-234-9644), a Jefferson Park staple and Old Town newbie, has its sour cherry Danishes at the western end of the market. A bite of the almond croissant ($2.70) from Vanille Pâtisserie (312-575-9963) proves why it’s the best in the city. Feeding the office today? A fresh chocolate chip coffeecake ($6) is wrapped and ready at the Polish-owned Provo’s Village Bake Shoppe (312-207-1261). If you have time, try a hot wheat crêpe (from $3.95) at FliP Crêpes (773-321-0210).


Photograph: Anna Knott



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