Seven Chicago Food Trucks: Where They Go and What They Serve

WHEELERS AND DEALERS: A rundown of local culinary road warriors

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The food truck trend—tricked-out rides serving high-end street fare to hungry Twitter followers—stalled locally because of our city’s draconian ordinances prohibiting onboard cooking. But a fleet of four-wheeled pioneers hit the pavement anyway, steering clear of trouble by selling already prepared sandwiches and baked goods. (Food made to order can be found in Evanston, where cooking on trucks is legal.) Now that the craze is in high gear, we present a rundown of the culinary road warriors. PLUS: Check out our Twitter feed of Chicago food trucks »

Hummingbird Kitchen food truck

Hummingbird Kitchen
This custom-built 28-foot beast from the owners of Evanston’s Campagnola and Union Pizzeria is the Humvee of food trucks. Two massive propane tanks power a fully equipped restaurant kitchen (featuring two convection ovens) that cooks up fresh hot items, such as crab cake sandwiches and braised short-rib tacos ($6), but only in Evanston—for now.



3 years ago
Posted by saucygirl

cool article.

3 years ago
Posted by foodtruckcorner

If you need help finding and tracking all your favorite Chicago food trucks, check out

3 years ago
Posted by nomarg3

I would like to start a food truck. How would i go about it law wise? live in chicago and getting a straight answer out of C.O.C & gov't. people is darn near impossible.

3 years ago
Posted by @MatthewJSchmitz

Now there's DucknRoll, which specializes in the Vietnamese bahn mi. Opened for business Oct. 27. I blogged about it a couple of days ago:

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