Seven Chicago Food Trucks: Where They Go and What They Serve

WHEELERS AND DEALERS: A rundown of local culinary road warriors

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Gaztro Wagon food truck

The Gaztro-Wagon
“You can’t walk into Jimmy John’s and get a duck confit sandwich,” says Gaztro-Wagon’s Matt Maroni, a former chef at the Mid-America Club. But from this red-and-white rehabbed postal truck, you can get one in the form of a “naan-wich” ($7–$12) or request other fancy fillings, like braised lamb or lobster, in your freshly baked flatbread wrap. The truck roves el and Metra stops at dinnertime; stationary dining is available at Gaztro-Wagon’s Edgewater storefront.



3 years ago
Posted by saucygirl

cool article.

3 years ago
Posted by foodtruckcorner

If you need help finding and tracking all your favorite Chicago food trucks, check out

3 years ago
Posted by nomarg3

I would like to start a food truck. How would i go about it law wise? live in chicago and getting a straight answer out of C.O.C & gov't. people is darn near impossible.

2 years ago
Posted by @MatthewJSchmitz

Now there's DucknRoll, which specializes in the Vietnamese bahn mi. Opened for business Oct. 27. I blogged about it a couple of days ago:

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