27,400-Square-Foot Home Rises Hinsdale

BROBDINGNAGIAN BIG: Even for the neighborhood, the estimated $5-$10 million house is big

A very large home in Hinsdale


In 2008, Khurram and Sameera Hussain paid $3.575 million for an old Tudor home in the Woodlands neighborhood of Hinsdale. They tore it down and put up a 27,400-square-foot behemoth. “It’s certainly the biggest house built here in the past six years,” says Robert McGinnis, the town’s building commissioner.

Neither of the Hussains (he’s a lawyer; she owns the 40-plus Dental Dreams clinics) responded to requests for comment, so it’s hard to determine what the house cost. On a permit application, the couple estimated construction at $5 million, but two sources familiar with the project believe it approaches $10 million. As for neighbors worried about the home’s size, McGinnis offers some words of consolation: “It could have been worse—they could have crammed two houses onto that [2.2 acre] lot.”

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Photograph: Dennis Rodkin



2 years ago
Posted by real estate guy

I wonder if the Hussains will let me and wife and my four kids occupy just 3,000 square feet of the place, leaving them with around 25000 square feet to roam around in. They would never miss us,( we are quiet and pick up after ourselves ) and the digs and the schools for the kids would be great! Just a thought if you ( the nice, generous Hussain family ) are reading this.

2 years ago
Posted by Lyn Sims

And everyone keeps saying that McMansions are dead? Tell these people!

1 year ago
Posted by cj

I hope they never need to sell the MONSTER because there will be no one left to buy it after we get the bill for the national debt. The taxes and maintenance will kill you.

1 year ago
Posted by frutie

They have lots of money, have their assistants working like slaves but do not want to give them there share of it. The assistants basically bought that house!

4 months ago
Posted by Statue.

Being one of the many contractors that worked on that home the estimates are way off. Rumor going around the site was the house was in the 25 to 40 million range. As far as not paying the subs that worked on it, that is very true.
Last heard there are a few leins on it for NON payment.

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