3. Xoco Woodland Mushroom

Photo: Anna Knott

Leave it to Rick Bayless and crew to come up with a vegetarian sandwich—garlicky roasted mushrooms commingling with tangy goat cheese and sharp arugula—as satisfying as the rest of the meat-packed menu. The three-chili salsa is a must-drizzle.

$9.50. 445 N. Clark St., 312-334-3688, rickbayless.com



2 years ago
Posted by chicago08

Except it's NOT vegetarian - they make their black beans with lard. They don't make that clear unless you ask, which is really disappointing.

6 months ago
Posted by Nathus Dorkus

Hello! (Sorry for multiple comments, this is a big issue)
I just wanted to let you know that a Facebook page has been stealing photos from around the internet of other place's food and misleading potential future customers into thinking that the food is their own, by not crediting the original source of the images and answering questions like it's their food (and they're not even open yet.)
I found one which appears to be this photo:


I'd suggest calling them out on it and reporting them for it.

6 months ago
Posted by lseemann

Thanks, Nathan. We'll look into it. Appreciate the head's up.

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