Burberry’s Fresh Glow

Burberry has makeup. Who knew? Here’s our fave.

While touring the shiny new Burberry flagship on Michigan Avenue, I’m told the Chicago outpost is the first in the country to carry the brand’s beauty line. Wait a minute. Burberry makes makeup? Indeed, and like the iconic trench coat, the offerings are simple, neutral, and classic—exactly what makeup should be for everyday purposes. “What’s your bestseller?” I ask. The hands-down, zero hesitation answer: Fresh Glow. A fluid, illuminating moisturizer, Fresh Glow has an ultra-fine shimmer to give skin a radiant—yet believable—brilliance. Mixed with foundation or applied straight to cheeks and brow bones, it’s like microdermabrasion in a bottle.

$48 at Burberry, 633 N. Michigan Ave., 312-786-2500; or nordstrom.com



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