Zeke Emanuel To Chicago Teachers: “Give In Now.”

Rahm’s brother offered a pretty clear plan of action to Chicago teachers in an interview today.

photo: jeff sciortino

Zeke Emanuel sat down for an interview today with HuffPost Live to discuss his new book, Brothers Emanuel, which came out last week.

The host, Abby Huntsman, turned the conversation toward his brother Rahm’s role in the ongoing story of the CPS closings. Beginning at about 12:00 in the interview above, Huntsman turns the conversation to Chicago, saying:

“Now, your brother is in the thick of things, mayor of Chicago. We all know what’s going on with the schools, 52 schools closing down. A risky—a big decision he made, to go against the teacher’s unions…now, you’re someone who had to fight with your brothers growing up. If you had to give advice to the teachers unions—?”

Zeke cuts her off to give his response:

“Give in now. Rahm will win. He always does win…He is very committed to making the lives of children better.”

He went on to say: “You’re not going to beat him…You can bang your head against the wall, but Rahm is pretty tough.” 




1 year ago
Posted by Claudia Greene

Great technique. Give in now; he always wins. How does Rahm help the students of Chicago? Give me evidence. I require evidence from my 7th graders. The least Rahm could provide would be how he is benefitting our students by closing their schools. IPads and air conditioning aren't the answers. Teachers are required to prove their students are benefitting from their teaching or they are evaluated poorly. What accountability does Rahm have, except to his buddies who get the money to keep him in office? Your position as mayor needs to be a service to the people of Chicago. Not a notch in your belt or a way to prove you're a big man. Grow up, Rahm and Zeke.

1 year ago
Posted by Kristina

"Improving schools" has never been the issue, it was slashing budgets from the start and continuing to transform Chicago into a haven for the wealthy elite. Chicago has >250,000 millionaires and counting (according to Forbes anyway). The inequality here is immense and going after the education of poor kids, the vast majority (87%) of enrolled CPS students is revolting. They chose to test the waters on the women and children before going after the city, firefighters, and transit workers' conditions.

It is very unlikely that the working class will simply sit by while these millionaires and billionaires destroy what we've managed to build, simply because their own millionaire cutthroat politician says so. We can't afford it.

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