Julie Woertz, Cofounder and coprincipal of Duotone Design

38 // Cofounder and coprincipal of Duotone Design *
From: Bartlett
Lives in: South Loop
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Despite having solid credentials in graphic and web design and a real knack for logo creation (remember Looptopia?), Woertz can’t draw a stick figure to save her life.

Seriously? “I would destroy it. What I’m good at is design that makes sense—making something pop without being obnoxious. We’re saving our fair city from bad design.”

So all day long you dream about design? “I’m always thinking about food. In church, I talk to my mom about where we’re going to eat after; at yoga, I’m thinking about sushi; when I’m running, I want a hamburger. I’ve traveled the world for food: Paris, Greece, Cairo, Turkey. Some people love the Super Bowl. I love Grant Achatz. I was on the Next website for nine hours yesterday, hitting refresh with my left hand and working with my right.”

On traveling: “In 1997, my mother said, ‘Kids, we’re not going to Wisconsin or Florida anymore. We’re going to London and Paris, because I said so.’ I remember getting on a plane and landing in Monte Carlo. I was like, ‘What in the world are we doing here? Everyone is naked!’ Back then, I wasn’t as open to seeing the world. But by taking me to Europe, my mother changed my life. Since then, I’ve been to 50-something European cities.”

On meeting Catholic guys: “I was born and raised Catholic and baptized Catholic, but I never did anything with it. Now I just finished my 38 weeks at Old St. Pat’s for the RCIA [Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults] process. [I received] my first sacrament on April 23, the night before Easter. It’s a big celebration. And I thought the program might be a great way to meet someone. I’m a big mush ball, and Oliver is sick of all the attention I give him. [Oliver is Woertz’s toy poodle: ‘He’s French. He’s a stud.’] He’s smoking a cigarette, like, ‘Can you move on already?’ Plus, I love the beauty of Old St. Pat’s. I love that it’s more liberal. I love that they like to have fun. They’ve got red wine and white wine cracked open at these RCIA meetings, and everybody’s drinking. I couldn’t believe it.”

On guys in general: “I’m very attracted to the all-American guy: sporty, baseball cap, T-shirt, jeans, flip-flops. The Tony Romo type. With heels on, I’m about six feet, so I want someone taller. Someone who has a healthy lifestyle. Someone who loves his mother. But not a mama’s boy. I’ve dated that. No good.” —J.W.


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