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Get Tasty Frozen Treats at Pretty Cool Ice Cream

Dana Cree, former pastry chef at the Publican and the author of Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream, gives us the scoop on five tasty desserts sold at her new shop (2353 N. California Ave., Logan Square).

Red, White, and Blue Truck Pop, Orange Party Pop, Blue Moon Plant Pop, Coffee Pretzel Toffee Custard Bar, and Raspberry Buttermilk Bar
Photo: Jeff Marini

1. Red, White, and Blue Truck Pop ($3)

“You can’t talk about Popsicles without talking about Firecracker pops, but I didn’t want to use food coloring, so we took a lemon-ice base and added raspberries and blueberries for the different layers.”

2. Orange Party Pop ($5)

“This one was the inspiration for the whole shop. A friend of mine let me use his Popsicle machine to make cream cheese custard bars. I dipped them in orange Magic Shell and added sprinkles. It’s like a crunchy Creamsicle.”

3. Blue Moon Plant Pop ($5)

“In trying to figure out the flavor of blue moon ice cream, I realized it’s essentially like a blue Froot Loop, with a lot of citrus oil flavor. We make these vegan with coconut purée, which has enough saturated fat to stay creamy when it freezes.”

4. Coffee Pretzel Toffee Custard Bar ($5)

“Our custard base is made in 250-gallon batches using my recipe at Lamers Dairy in Wisconsin, which gets milk from a collection of small farms up there, and we add mix-ins like pretzels and toffee bits.”

5. Raspberry Buttermilk Bar ($3)

“This is basically a sherbet bar. Sherbet is low in fat, and I make mine high in fruit purée, so it’s like sorbet but way creamier. I want to start a sherbet revolution.”


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