Red, White, and Blue Truck Pop, Orange Party Pop, Blue Moon Plant Pop, Coffee Pretzel Toffee Custard Bar, and Raspberry Buttermilk Bar
Photo: Jeff Marini

1. Red, White, and Blue Truck Pop ($3)

“You can’t talk about Popsicles without talking about Firecracker pops, but I didn’t want to use food coloring, so we took a lemon-ice base and added raspberries and blueberries for the different layers.”

2. Orange Party Pop ($5)

“This one was the inspiration for the whole shop. A friend of mine let me use his Popsicle machine to make cream cheese custard bars. I dipped them in orange Magic Shell and added sprinkles. It’s like a crunchy Creamsicle.”

3. Blue Moon Plant Pop ($5)

“In trying to figure out the flavor of blue moon ice cream, I realized it’s essentially like a blue Froot Loop, with a lot of citrus oil flavor. We make these vegan with coconut purée, which has enough saturated fat to stay creamy when it freezes.”

4. Coffee Pretzel Toffee Custard Bar ($5)

“Our custard base is made in 250-gallon batches using my recipe at Lamers Dairy in Wisconsin, which gets milk from a collection of small farms up there, and we add mix-ins like pretzels and toffee bits.”

5. Raspberry Buttermilk Bar ($3)

“This is basically a sherbet bar. Sherbet is low in fat, and I make mine high in fruit purée, so it’s like sorbet but way creamier. I want to start a sherbet revolution.”