Going Digital

The Tribune and the Sun-Times are both bankrupt and the future of the newspaper industry is in doubt. Thanks to the Internet, some of Chicago’s best-known reporters and columnists have already turned the page and are now almost exclusively read online. So where can you find them?   THE JOURNALIST OLD PRINT HOME NEW WEB … Read more

Zukerman vs Zukerman

Pinchas Zukerman vs Eugenia Zukerman*
Which Zukerman will it be this week: Pinchas or his ex Eugenia? If you missed the former’s February recital at the Harris, never fear. The violin virtuoso continues his 60th-birthday tour with a week of Bach…

Memorabilia, art, sales, and more

Hey, how about that—we have a new President! To celebrate the Inauguration and honor the Commander in Chief with something more fitting than a six-pack of Jones’s “Orange You Glad for Change” soda pop, Oak Park’s Careful Peach home boutique has designed and commissioned some exclusive Barack-collectibles with gravitas. Pick up a hand-etched Champagne bottle depicting Obama’s name, election dates and percentages, and a donkey kicking some serious elephant ass for $90. It was crafted by Peter Morava of Morava Glass Studios, who also did the light fixtures in that tricked-out vintage trailer we featured in the Sept.-Oct. issue. (Peter also happens to be married to the Peach’s owner, Karen.) The Peach is also campaigning its sterling silver-and-resin Obama/Biden cuff links, handmade in the O.P. (Karen tells me that at least three pair were actually in D.C. yesterday—maybe you caught a glimpse?). Save some more change at Restoration Hardware, where they pledge to cut $100 off any purchase over $400, including reduced and online sales, until Jan. 26. Mention code RNPR019 at checkout; offer good in red and blue states. And to get your cabinets in order, the Container Store is holding its annual 30 percent-off Elfa shelving sale, through Feb. 9.

E-Tail Wagging

More Americans than ever are clicking “Add to Cart.” Check this out: how much Chicago spends online and what all that cash buys.

Changing Channels

Local TV stations are investing heavily in high-definition technology and reaching out to viewers via the Web. Can the new strategy save their shrinking ratings—or are they just jumping the shark?

Net Pix

Since the photo-sharing Web site Flickr went online four years ago, it has amassed more than 2 billion photographic images—and nearly 1.9 million of them have a Chicago connection. From an earthbound angel to an eerie nocturnal landscape, here are 13 local pix that click.

February 2008 Table of Contents

Features Nothing But Net: 171 Great Chicago Web Sites by Stuart Luman, Graham Meyer, and Dawn Reiss Lost in front of the Web address bar? Search engines letting you down? We scoured the Web to find the sites that make the lives of Chicagoans better in the real world, winnowing the chaff from the wheat … Read more

Cyber Soldier

From his home in suburban Chicago, former army paratrooper Matthew Currier Burden took his fight to a new battlefield: the blogosphere. In the process, he has reshaped war coverage by giving soldiers a forum for their frontline dispatches