The Rock-Star Lifestyle

Talk about partying like a rock star: I spent Saturday night at new nightspot Pharmacy (1450 W. Chicago Ave.), where a charity event benefiting the Chicago Music Commission featured photos by Rock Star Supernova bassist Johnny Colt and rock photo legend/CMC founder Paul Natkin. Pharmacy is still awaiting its liquor license; stay tuned for a … Read more

Art Drives Culture

My plan to watch the Super Bowl at State turned out great-well, with a couple of exceptions. The place was packed, and the energy level was at a major high. Even those who didn’t care about the game (although how could they not?) must have felt chills when everyone in the room chanted the Bears … Read more

Gamblin’ Woman

Whether it’s due to Bears celebrations or the bone-chilling weather, I haven’t been on my eight-nights-a-week nightlife schedule lately. To stave off an impending case of cabin fever, I hopped in a cab bound for Andersonville last Thursday to support some friends who run an art gallery, Estudiotres. My first thought: Andersonville? That’s so far … Read more

Super Sunday

I received a mass text message the other day that read: “Do you know what COLTS stands for? Count on Losing the Superbowl.” (I’m willing to forgive the sender’s misspelling of Super Bowl since COLTSB just doesn’t have the same ring.)I think it’s safe to say every red-blooded Chicagoan has the Bears on the brain … Read more

From One Bachelorette to Another

She’s baaaaack-and this time, she’s not appearing on a reality show.Jen Schefft, now 30 and Chicago’s most recognizable bachelorette, can add author to her r‚sum‚. Her first book, Better Single Than Sorry (William Morrow, $15), came out this past Tuesday. Since I’m living the better-single-than-sorry life myself, I decided to dig in-and what I found … Read more

Party Politics

Given the social set I usually write about, this may surprise some readers, but I’ve been hobnobbing with politicians my entire life. My dad was a state representative for 14 years (he’s now a circuit court judge), and his work took me to places like the governor’s mansion in Springfield, where we attended Passover Seders … Read more

The Superior Sex

The New York Times reported this interesting fact the other day: 51 percent of American women are now living without a spouse. That’s up from 35 percent in 1950 and 49 percent in 2000, according to the Times’ recent analysis of 2005 census results. My initial reaction when I read the article was, Woo hoo! … Read more

A Little Friendly Advice

When I last blogged, I had modern technology on the brain. Thanks to those who shared their opinions, including this practical poster: “I believe that texting is a proper form of communication when being used to convey short messages that are of little importance or simply casual conversation.” Another reader agreed: “The best is an … Read more

My So-Called E-Life

I don’t have TiVo. My DVD player doesn’t work. I don’t even subscribe to HBO. But I have unlimited text messaging on my nifty, new T-Mobile Dash smartphone, which is Windows-based and has built-in WiFi, should I need even faster Internet service when I’m on-the-go (which, often, I am). Although I’m challenged in some areas … Read more

Late Nights and The Apprentice 6

If I’ve learned one thing from writing this blog, it’s that you need to be thick-skinned-and thank God I am, because people will say almost anything in an open forum if they can remain "anonymous." Try spilling the details of your personal life with your name and face attached! In spite of a few nay-sayers, … Read more