If you didn't get the picture in our Pitchfork Survival Guide, allow me to to reiterate: Festivals require fuel. Aside from overdrinking and undersleeping, facing Pitchfork on an empty stomach is the quickest way to ruin your weekend.

Luckily, there are more than a dozen local vendors signed up to keep you properly nourished this weekend. Here are some highlights for every type of hungry Pitchforker.

For the veggie

Chicago Diner's Veggie Corn Dog

Who says vegetarians can't do fest-food? This skewered veggie dog is hand-dipped in vegan corn batter, fried to your liking, and served with a side of waffle fries (Teese vegan cheese sauce available for an extra buck). $5, $6 with cheese.

Temptation vegan ice cream

Have you seen the forecast for this weekend? Caliente! $5/large waffle cone.

For the eco-conscious

Big Delicious Planet's Thai Beef Tacos

Organic, farm-to-table, compostable packaging—you name it, these four-star greenies have it covered. Their Thai-marinated steak tacos are topped with Asian slaw, peanuts, cilantro, and (most importantly) Sriracha. Plus, you'll be eating like a rock star—Big Delicious Planet is catering Pitchfork's backstage area. $10/two tacos.

For the fest-food traditionalist

Wishbone's pulled pork sandwich

Tribune restaurant critic Phil Vettel picked this North Carolina-style sammich as one of his five favorites at last year's Taste. The thing is topped with vinegar sauce and Lexington cole slaw, and it's "big enough for two, easy."" What more do you want? $6

For a flavor-blast

The Rice Table's Krakatoa

An Indonesian take on the Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich: Slow-braised pork shoulder, papaya, hot pepper, cilantro, cucumber, and pickled red onion. Holy flavor! $8

Robinson's chicken & andouille jambalaya

In case you get tired of finger food. $8 large, $5 small.

For the sugar fiend

Puffs of Doom's Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Puff

What exactly is a puff, you ask? Why, a fluffy dough-shell pumped with hot chocolate cream and topped with salted caramel and marshmallow "fluff" (we don't know). This is a good one to save until right before a dream pop set; after the initial sugar buzz wears off, you might need to lie down. $5

Black Dog Gelato's root beer float

Two scoops of malted vanilla gelato swimming in root beer—perfect for a semisolid lunch. $5.

For the penny pincher

O'Briens sweet potato fries

If you blew your entire paycheck on your Pitchfork pass itself, you can stll nab a small order of sweet potato fries for two bucks at O'Briens's stand. $2, $4 large.

For the parched

Dark Matter's Chocolate City iced coffee

Coffee might not come to mind as your go-to festival bev, but if you're hitting the after-parties, you might need a morning afternoon pick-me-up. Dark Matter's iced blend is double-strength, heat extracted, and, according to the roasters themselves, "straight rocket fuel." Chug at your own risk. $5/16 ounce cup.

Goose Island's Pitchfork Pils and SVE Kolsch

On top of the 11 Goose Island standards available this year, this official sponsor will feature two exclusive fest-themed brews: a dry hopped German/American pilsner and the Sharon Van Etten–endorsed SVE Kolsch. Try one. Try five! This weekend is your only shot. $6/beer, $7/fancy beer.