As worldwide cuisines go, Yemeni food doesn’t get much play. This welcoming storefront in an Albany Park strip mall offers a delicious corrective. Saltah ($8) makes for an excellent gateway dish: The comforting and savory lamb stew with carrots and okra is served bubbling hot in a stone bowl with a swirl of cooling fenugreek purée. It’s considered by many to be Yemen’s national dish. Next go for some of the chewy housemade flatbread ($2), an order of golden-skinned and roasted mandi chicken ($9), and a cup of sweetened black tea ($1)—and have a second cup with a dessert of crackly, honey-soaked baklava ($1.50). You can enjoy your meal at a table or seated cross-legged in a pillow-strewn, carpeted den up front, so long as you’re cool with taking off your shoes in public. 3737 W. Lawrence Ave.