Cuban sandwich, fries, and café con leche
Photo: Jeff Marini

Twenty bucks will get you far at this homey Cuban café in Back of the Yards, where the neon walls are covered in art, and the chairs (of both the dining and the arm varieties) always seem to be filled. For just a Jackson, you can score a Cuban sandwich ($5.50) with tangles of juicy shredded pork bound together by melted Swiss cheese; three flaky empanadas ($7) stuffed with tender ham; and an order of french fries ($3) topped with a stoner-friendly combo of ketchup, mayo, hot sauce, and grated cheese. Finish up with a café con leche ($1.25), pleasantly oversweetened in the typical Cuban style that makes the drink work as a beverage and a dessert. Amazingly, you’ll still have change to spare. Good thing there’s a tip jar.

4244 S. Ashland Ave.