If you’ve downed tacos al pastor or traveled to Puebla for tacos árabes, you’ve tasted how delicious Middle Eastern influences on Mexican cuisine can be. Mitchell AbouJamra pushes that fusion into new directions at Evette’s, the easygoing counter-service spot he named for his Lebanese grandmother. Take the Halloumi tacos, which pack grilled cheese, jalapeño tabbouleh, whipped feta, and cucumber yogurt drizzled with Aleppo pepper oil into a tortilla. Or try the chicken árabes version, which subs in freshly sliced shawarma. Come brunch, he’s frying up pitas for huevos rancheros. He hasn’t stopped there. This winter, AbouJamra debuted All Too Well, a market and sandwich shop right next door to Evette’s, and opened a counter inside the Logan Square tavern Spilt Milk, so you can pair your Sarsaparilla Zazerac with za’atar Chex mix. It’s the kind of ingenious idea that would make his teta proud.

350 W. Armitage Ave., Lincoln Park