If there’s one new restaurant that makes you want to cancel all your afternoon meetings and just chill, it’s Lardon. The sun-soaked space, which has 26 seats (a sidewalk patio more than doubles the space in warm weather), is open all day for boards loaded with chef Chris Thompson’s superlative housemade charcuterie (the selection rotates, but the spicy soppressata and funky fromage de tête have rightly become staples), a wine list packed with bangers like Meinklang’s Welschriesling, and fun spritzes like a Campari, basil, and raspberry sparkler. But this spot is best during the afternoon, since you can have all that and the standout sandwiches. Don’t miss the Reuben, layered with deeply savory pastrami, melty goat Gouda, a slather of special sauce, and tangy housemade sauerkraut and pickles. So go ahead, order another spritz or a shot of amaro. Split one more order of truffled lardo. You’ve earned your chance to linger.

2200 N. California Ave., Logan Square